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So I helped paint the bathrooms at Mary's tonight.  At least it was fun with Ryan, Jeni, and Cat there joking around and listening to good music on the horrible speakers in the restaurant.

On a different note, a survey tells me that I could take 23 five-year-olds in a fight.  I'd totally kick their asses!
 www.howmanyfiveyearoldscouldyoutakeinafight.com... check it out.

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I did the Dungeons and Dragons quiz for what attributes I'd have and things got messed up during posting.

My results were that my alignment is:
Lawful Good Human Sorcerer

My Attributes are:
Strenght - 15
Dexterity - 16
Constitution - 14
Intelligence - 15
Wisdom - 12
Charisma - 15

I rock :-)

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 www.glassbooth.org is a great website for you if you are interested in what political candidate most agrees mith you.  You can cut through the crap and finally find out where you and they stand.  

My top three:
1. Joe Biden - 85%
2. Hillary Clinton - 84%
3. Barack Obama - 83%
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This is a crazy-eerie song. It's got a slow tempo and it's so matter of fact.

Third Eye Blind


Miss Jones taught me English
But I think I just shot her son
Cause he owed me money
With a bullet in the chest you cannot run
Now he's bleeding in a vacant lot
The one in the summer where we used to smoke pot
I guess I didn't mean it but man you shoulda seen it
His flesh explode

Slow motion see me let go
We tend to die young
Slow Motion see me let go
What a brother knows
Slow Motion see me let go

Now the cops will get me
But girl if you would let me
I'll take your pants off
I got a little bit of blow we could both get off

Later bathing in the afterglow
Two lines of coke I cut with Drano
An her nose starts to bleed
A most beautiful ruby red

Slow motion see me let go
We'll remember these days
Slow motion see me let go
Urban life decays
Slow motion see me let go

And at home
My sister's eating paint chips again
Maybe that's why she's insane
I shut the door to her moaning
And I shoot smack in my veins
Wouldn't you?
See my neighbour's beating his wife
Because he hates his life
There's an arc to his fist as he swings
Oh man what a beautiful thing
And death slides close to me
Won't grow old to be
A junkie wino creep

Hollywood glamorised my wrath
I'm a young urban psychopath
I incite murder
For your entertainment
Cuz I needed the money
What's your excuse?
The jokes on you

Slow motion see me let go
Slow motion see me let go
Slow motion see me let go

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Did You Know...?

 Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is the longest word in the German language.  It literally means "Beef meat labeling over watch task over giving law."  And it translated to mean "Beef labeling oversight transfer law."   I'd hate to have to carry the book that explained this law around!  It might be too heavy!!
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I'm very happy about this

I am pleased to say that my brother is going to AA.  He's had his issues over the years and has taken one of the biggest steps toward bettering his life and mind.  He thinks it will be very good for him.   Yay...
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Yay, I just greatly enjoyed myself :-) P.S. It's not a beastiality sort of thing

I just had one of the most fun experiences with my cat that I have ever had.  According to all of his records, he was born about August 28th, 2004 and I feel loved by him every day.  My little seal point siamese, Bastian, loves to explore everywhere that is new and has been with me ever since I lived at the Del Oro Circle house.  For about 7 months, he was afraid to go outside once I moved to Bridgit Drive because it was new and scary and there was an other new, big cat nearby.  Since a few months ago he ha been exploring more outside, but slowly and timidly.  He is quick to run back inside my apartment.

He and I have bonded a lot in the almost 3 years we have been together and I have learned to read his body language exceedingly well.  I'm happy about that, since it is more straight-forward that human body-language and I know his better than anyone's.  And cats don't hide anything for any reason.  Whenever I have something that he is curious about I let him smell it and sometimes taste it if it is cat-friendly.  Recently when he has been exploring outside my apartment and downstairs, he ventures farther if I am there for comfort's sake (At least that's my impression  because he looks back to see if I am still there behind him).

Tonight, I took him downstairs after I got off the phone with Kim and we explored the area together.  It takes forever for him to explore on foot, so I carried him as we went (When I don't wear a shirt, he seems more comfortable than when I do wear a shirt... Maybe it's a natural skin-to-fur thing; who knows - plus, it's a beautiful night out and not too cold).  I also like slinking around so I had fun and he seemed to be alert and curious about everything.

We went in front of my neighbor's place with all the cacti and that made Bastian scared because that's where the other cat lives, and we explored the rest of the upper level of my apartment.  Next we went downstairs and went from hiding place to hiding place as we explored the parking area and the paths on either side of my building.  This is because he does the same thing when he explores and I wanted him to feel good about being in places he's sotra uncomfortable with (And yes, I'm totally a dork and I love my kitty.  I wasn't very tired, so I decided to help my kitty feel better about going outside).  Sometimes he would make various noises that mean different things, and I would respond accordingly; fear, nervousness, curiousity, etc.  We also explored a neighbor's back yard that neither of us had been in before.  He got scared quickly so we got out of there before too long.  The rest of the time exploring, he indicated where he wanted to go by looking intently in that direction.  I think it's kind of cool and odd how well I have gotten at reading his sounds and signals, but I have spent practically every hour with him when I have been home for the past 3 years.  I even have a sound that calls him and one that makes him look at me.... (I feel dumb admitting that, which is rare).

Anyway, I brought him back up to my apartment and he has been lying near my as I wrote this post, and I know he will sleep on my bed tonight using me as a pillow.  My kitty is my friend and I hope you all have pets that you love as much as I love mine.

P.S. I'm happy that we aren't each others' type, it would just complicate things too much.
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Wow, I'm posting...

Work felt great this week.  I tried yet again a new sector of work at Mary's.  I started there as a delivery driver, then I'm became trained as a server, and now I am good at stuff on the trailer that goes around to fairs and stuff.  This Wednesday through Saturday I was a cashier and pizza slicer and pasta dude.  I had a lot of fun throughout the shifts, even though they were long and tiresome.  I totally enjoyed listening to Bowling for Soup, SheDaisy, Cheap Trick, and Abba-cadabra these past 4 days too :-) For the first time since I have worked at Mary's I'm going to be getting overtime pay for working over 40 hours in a week.  total to date since I have been there I had (before yesterday) only gotten about 2 1/2 hours of overtime.  Wednesday and Thursday I worked 8 hours on the clock, Friday I worked 10 hours on the clock, and tonight I worked 9 hours.  All of that is not including my break.

I think it's pretty cool that I know how to do lots of things for my company.  I'm valuable :-)  When I was training as a server, the head driver got jokingly sad because he said he was losing his best driver to serving.  That made me feel great.  People seem to like me all over the place too.  Sometimes I get bored at Mary's, but I like working there way better than at Adobe Creek, Luckhardt Benefit Consultants, and at Applebees.  I could see myself eventually getting to become a manager and not hating it.

If anyone wants to come on into the Mary's in Petaluma tomorrow after 5:30pm to bug me, I'll be serving up a storm until around 10:30 or 11.  Just ask for my section and tip well.  It's the least you could do :-p

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